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Leitz Complete 15.6" Rucksack Smart Traveller s...
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Backpack laptop Leitz Complete Smart Traveller 15.6 Quality lightweight, spacious and expandable business backpack with two main compartments and smaller front compartment. Distinctive and elegant design with smart zip fastener and elegant matt metal buckles. Carry using genuine leather padded handle, adjustable shoulder belts with chest strap, or fix on your airport trolley. Lightweight, robust polyester for comfortable everyday use Ventilated back system 17 pockets, including side pocket for bottled drinks or umbrella Additional quick access front pocket for your mini tablet or ebook reader Smart features including cleaning cloth and key holder Separate removable pouch for your power adapter and cables Convenient see-through mesh pocket for cables and small accessories Padded tablet and ultrabook pocket with soft fleece lining to protect device screen and surfaces Extra phone pocket on the front side for user-friendly earphone connection

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